Typical Course Outline 

Semester 1

BS101Introductino to Biosystems Engineering2(2-0)
BS103Biology I3(3-0)
UG103English Communication Skills I3(2-1)
UG110Engineering Drawing3(1-2)
Semester Total19
Semester 2

BS104Biology II3(3-0)
UG107English Communication Skills II3(2-1)
UG109General chemistry4(3-1)
CS103Copmuter Prgramming or non-Specialists3(2-1)
Semester Total16
Semester 3

UG201Linear Algebra3(3-0)
UG202Applied Mathematics Laboratory1(0-1)
CIE202Fluid Mechanics3(2-1)
UG203Material Science3(2-1)
BS201Organic Chemistry3(2-1)
Semester Total16
Semester 4

BS204Plant Physiology3(3-0)
BS205Animal Physiology3(3-0)
BS206Analytical Chemistry3(2-1)
BS208Electrical Engineering and electronics for Bio-engineers4(3-1)
Semester Total19
Semester 5

BS301Food, Nutrition and Welness3(3-0)
BS302Food Science and Technology3(3-0)
BS303Crop, Livestock, and Fish Production Sysems4(4-0)
BS306Biosystems Engineering Applications3(3-0)
BS312Industrial Microbilogy3(3-0)
Semester Total19
Semester 6

UG305Technical writing3(3-0)
BS305Instrumentation and Measurement3(2-1)
BS307Workship techniques and practice3(1-2)
BS308Engineering Properties of Bio-materials 3(2-1)
BS309Bioprocess Technology3(2-1)
BS310Food Process Engineering 3(3-0)
BS311Food Analysis and Quality Assurance3(3-0)
Semester Total21
Semester 7

UG600Capstone Project 15(0-5)
BS401Bio-energy Systems 3(3-0)
BS402Bio-seperation Process3(2-1)
BS403Advance Molecular Biology3(2-1)
BS405Postharvest Enginering3(3-0)
UG402Principles of Innovation and entrepreneurship2(2-0)
Semester Total19
Semester 8

UG601Capstone Project II5(0-5)
BS404Farm Power, Machinery and Renewabel Energy Systems3(2-1)
BS406Laws and Regulations of Food an Bioprcess industry 2(2-0)
BS407Life Cycle Inventory Analysis and Productio nDesign3(2-1)
BS409Bioethics and Biosafety in Food and Bioprocess Industry3(3-0)
UG802Engineering Professional Practice2(2-0)
Semester Total18
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